How it works

On this page, I have added a little extra detail on how the process works with my three packages.

1. Core

How it works:

  • You will be sent a comprehensive new client questionnaire. This covers your lifestyle, health and body composition goals, nutrition background, medical background, and if relevant to the consultation, training history and goals.
  • When this is returned, alongside the Terms and Conditions, and on receipt of invoice payment, you will be sent your food and exercise diary template. If choosing to track your data electronically via Myfitnesspal, this will also be commenced at this stage.
  • You then record your dietary and physical activity data. We need 5-7 complete days of data, where you record everything you eat and drink and all exercise during that period. It should be an honest and accurate representation of your normal, current diet.
  • This diary data is then analysed alongside your new client questionnaire information, in advance of your initial consultation.
  • This analysis will also include details and explanation of your unique, periodised energy, macro and micronutrient targets, for different types of training and rest days.
  • If you have chosen to track your dietary data electronically using Myfitnesspal, this will allow for quantitative comparison of your current intake against these energy and macronutrient targets.
  • If not using Myfitnesspal, your data will be analysed qualitatively, including the trends, levels and timings, for all key nutrients.
  • Initial consultations are 60 minutes in duration, where we will discuss your nutrient data and, most importantly, translate this into practical, food-based nutrition and hydration advice to help you to reach your health and performance goals.
  • Following your initial consultation, you will be sent your personalised report highlighting the key points from our discussion.
  • Your follow-up appointments are 40 minutes in duration, and can be booked in at a timeframe that suits you, but any outstanding follow-up appointments not arranged by the client within four months of the previous appointment would be considered forfeited, unless specifically discussed otherwise.
  • In your follow-up consultations, we will track progress against your initial goals, cover more complex, specific or challenging nutrition areas in more detail, or help in the build-up to a race or event.

2. Race week booster

How it works:

  • You will be sent a race-specific new client questionnaire.
  • When this is returned, alongside the Terms and Conditions, and on receipt of invoice payment, we will schedule your one-off consultation.
  • The consultation is 60 minutes in duration, and during this time I will calculate and explain your unique, periodised nutrition targets for race week, race day, and recovery, and provide practical and specific nutrition (and hydration) advice to help your reach your goals for peak performance on the big day.

3. Complete coaching

How it works:

  • The process for Complete Coaching follows the same initial pattern as the Core package (see above), until the initial 60 minute consultation, where the discussion will be divided between your running training plan and nutrition, rather than just being nutrition-focused.
  • Following the initial consultation, you will be sent your personalised report, containing your bespoke training plan, nutrition targets and practical recommendations.
  • There will then be weekly check-ins via email, to monitor progress, answer questions and address any minor issues.
  • Every new four week period thereafter starts with a 40 minute review consultation where we discuss nutrition and training progress in more detail, and each of these consultations is followed up with your new training plan, alongside updated running and nutrition goals.
  • When starting this package, there is a minimum commitment to two consultations (i.e. eight weeks), and it is a rolling four weekly contract thereafter (free to cancel at any time).