As a Registered Sports Dietitian and UK Athletics Coach, with over a decade of NHS and private experience, I provide expert nutrition and coaching packages to optimise your health and performance. I have particular expertise in endurance sport and plant based nutrition, but all dietary preferences and levels of physical activity are welcome! 

All consultations are remote, via Microsoft Teams.

Information on my business consultancy and media services can be found here.

Free introductory call

I offer all prospective clients a free ten-minute introductory (no obligation) telephone call to discuss specific goals and concerns. Please contact me to arrange yours.

Package types

No two clients are the same, which is why personalised nutrition and coaching is always more effective than generic guidance. With Tom Hollis Health, your  nutrition, hydration and coaching recommendations will always be unique to your lifestyle, nutrient targets and health or performance goals. For full details on how my different packages work, read more here.

1. Core

(Three appointments: £250)

The cornerstone of my nutrition service, consisting of an initial (1 hour) and two follow-up (40 minute) consultations.

  • Comprehensive lifestyle, training and clinical data collection
  • Food and physical activity diary analysis
  • Calculation of unique, periodised calorie and macronutrient targets
  • Personalised report
  • Practical food-based recommendations to address and explain:

* Energy imbalance, weight, and body composition management

* Macronutrient periodisation for training phases

* Micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) deficiencies

* Training, rest and race day strategy

* GI and digestion issues

2. Race week booster

(One appointment: £90)

The perfect package for those whose race day is fast approaching. This single consultation (60 minutes) is a comprehensive, one-stop shop focussing on practical and specific nutrition and hydration advice to support peak performance in race week and race day, including:

* Carbohydrate loading

GI symptom management

Ergogenic (performance-enhancing) aids and supplements

Race morning and mid-race nutrition and hydration strategy


3. Complete coaching

(Rolling four weekly package; minimum two cycles i.e. eight weeks)

The ideal solution for clients looking to combine personalised nutrition advice with regular input and bespoke training plans from a UK Athletics qualified Running Coach.

  • Comprehensive lifestyle, training, dietary and clinical data collection
  • Initial 1 hour consultation to discuss current nutrition and training goals
  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Four-weekly 40 minute nutrition and training review and personalised plan, including:

* Bespoke training plan to fit your lifestyle and goals

Your unique, periodised energy and macronutrient targets

Dietary analysis

Practical, food-based recommendations

* GI and digestion issues

4. Coaching strategy booster

(One appointment: £90)

For runners who want expert nutrition and coaching guidance without any commitment, this single consultation (60 minutes) will refine and develop training or fuelling plans, educate in key areas, and answer any client questions on nutrition and coaching (with full training plans provided as an optional extra). Topics might include:

* Personalising and improving generic training plans

Carb loading and mid run fuelling strategies

Race goals and race day strategy

Key principles of training nutrition

Package options and pricing
1. Core

1 x initial 60 min consultation with report, 2 x follow-up 40 min consultations
2. Race week booster  

1 x 60 min consultation  

3. Complete coaching

1 x initial 60 min consultation with training plan and nutrition report, weekly nutrition and training check-ins, four-weekly 40 min review consultations with training plan

£100 for first four weeks    

£70 per four weeks thereafter
4. Coaching strategy booster 

1 x 60 min consultation  
+ optional £30 per four weeks of full training plan