Race week booster

Good nutrition goes hand in hand with good training, and should start long before race week.

However, a smart fuelling strategy in race week (not least race day) can be transformative to performance, and it is understandably an area that many clients want to focus on.

With this in mind, and with race season fast approaching, I’m offering a new race week only service, for those of you that are short on time but want to know how to give your body what it needs to boost your performance on the big day. I’d love to help as many of you as possible, but places will be limited, as there is only one of me!

Your personalised race week nutrition plan will include:

  • Carbohydrate loading (supercompensation)
  • GI symptom management
  • Ergogenic (performance-enhancing) aids
  • Race day and mid-race nutrition and hydration strategy
  • Recovery

So, put the cherry on top of all those hard weeks of training, and contact me.

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