Testimonials and case studies

‘I called upon Tom’s services to help me with a 100km ultramarathon. I had not run further than 50km before and knew nutrition would play an important factor in navigating the distance. As a plant based runner, it was important for me to partner with someone who had experience in supporting a plant based lifestyle. I was keen to ensure that I was consuming the right balance of nutrients in order to optimise performance and minimise the risk of injury.

My experience with Tom was fantastic, from analysing my diet, identifying deficiencies which needed to be remedied in the weeks prior to the day and then advising on liquids and food to consume on the day itself. Furthermore, he helped with the post run recovery phase. Thank you!’

Alexander, Holloway

‘Tom’s advice is fantastic – with his help I knocked 8 mins 12 secs off my marathon PB and graced the hallowed ground of sub-3. He provided tailored advice through my 16-week training block and crucially during the 2 week taper period pre-race to minimise gastrointestinal issues.

With his advice I was able to fuel correctly and better than ever before and not have to stop for the loo mid-race!
Fully recommend, 10/10’

Joe, Hornsey

‘I would highly recommend Tom Hollis to any amateur or recreational runner. I’ve found him incredibly knowledgeable, professional and personable. Most importantly though, he delivers tangible results.

When I started running I was quite unaware of the importance of incorporating nutrition into my training plans. If you’re a runner, do yourself a favour, call Tom.’

Andy, Hampstead

‘Tom really knows his stuff and gave me some important pointers regarding my plant-based diet. I highly recommend whatever level athlete you are! Thank you for your help!’

Jordan, Brighton

‘I had an incredible experience with Tom and would recommend – his advice is focused, individual, and easily incorporated into my weekly routine. My training has greatly improved with Tom’s help, and the proof will be in the next race pudding!’

Joe, London