Post-ICU and COVID-19

post covid-19 nutrition

As an ICU specialist working in one of Europe’s most highly regarded severe respiratory failure centres, I have years of experience in supporting patients during their recovery. I run the dietetic service for our pioneering post-critical care recovery clinic, which gives me unique insight into Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS), and what can so often be a prolonged recovery from critical illness. This delayed return to peak health is certainly something that we are seeing in so many COVID-19 patients, whether they required ICU admission or not.

Critical illness and COVID-19 can have a profound impact on nutritional status, muscle wasting and body composition, which in turn can influence energy levels and the ability to engage in and benefit from essential physical recovery.

However, with the right expertise and support, barriers to good nutrition can be overcome, helping patients return to their functional baseline. Typical nutrition issues seen after COVID-19 and critical illness include:

  • Rapid weight and muscle loss
  • Increased central body fat
  • Loss of appetite or feeling full easily (early satiety)
  • GI issues (e.g. nausea, diarrhoea and constipation)
  • Smell and taste changes
  • Swallowing issues
  • Weakness and fatigue

I am delighted to be be able to offer my services privately to help patients with nutritional concerns in their recovery from COVID-19 and other critical illness. At present, I offer remote (online) consultations only, and prices are as follows:

New appointment:   £70

Follow-up:                 £50

Please contact me to arrange your consultation.